Rooted in Concept of Circular Economy and Sustainability


Circular Economy

Repurposing organic waste through the full utilization of Hermetia illucens (Black Soldier Fly) larvae to ensure food security and sustainability. Our vision is to create a scalable system, adaptable to both large industrial spaces and smaller sites like landfills across Indonesia. By transforming organic waste into insect protein, we introduce a new, versatile protein source for snacks, bakery items, and meat alternatives. This process creates a continuous loop—a true circular economy—by also using the by-products (BSFL frass) as fertilizer for agriculture and the larvae oil as a potential renewable energy source. Our goal is to ensure food security while empowering local communities to drive a sustainable revolution.

SRI - Sustainable Systematic Resource Integration

Munch, powered by EcoMag Indonesia, enables a closed-loop bioconversion of food waste, creating a Sustainable Systematic Resource Integration (SRI) model. This system will be implemented in areas of Indonesia with high organic waste. The resulting dried larvae will be processed by Munch Food and used for animal feed, while the frass will be distributed to Indonesia's agricultural sector.

One Space, Limitless Impact.
  • 40ft size: repurposing shipping container
  • 2400kg BSFL / month
  • Systematic and self sustain: includes comprehensive process that allows to be done inside a single container:
    1. Organic Waste Collection and Processing
    2. Mating, Breeding and Hatching
    3. Rearing and Growing
    4. Harvest and Drying Process