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Indonesia generates 20,938,252 tons of food waste per annum (FAO) ranking us the 1st organic waste generator among ASEAN countries and 2nd in the world (UI).

Indonesia's food waste count:


(tons of food waste per annum)

1st rank organic waste generator in ASEAN countries

Organic waste occupies 70% of landfills in Indonesia (Bappenas, 2021) leading to methane excretion, contamination of water bodies, and unhygienic living conditions for its surroundings.

Munch is on a mission to revolutionize the way we perceive food waste. Founded in 2023, we specialize in transforming organic waste into valuable resources through the cultivation and full optimization of black soldier fly larvae.

This process is powered by black soldier flies (BSF), a species renowned for efficiently digesting organic waste like meal scraps, fruit, and vegetable remnants. Unlike other flies, BSF are "clean" and don't land on food or spread vector-borne diseases, ensuring safety for human health.

BSF can consume up to four times their body weight in organic waste daily, requiring significantly less land and resources. The resulting compost can be harvested in under three weeks. Munch Food utilizes the larvae stage of BSF, which is the richest in protein and nutrients.

Our Vision

At Munch, we envision a world where food waste is transformed into a valuable resource. Picture a world where food waste isn't just trash—it's treasure. With the help of Black Soldier Fly Larvae, Mother Nature's ultimate recyclers, we're on a mission to build a circular economy that's as sustainable as it is delicious. Our goal? To show the world that BSFL isn't just great for feeding animals—it's also a powerhouse protein source for us humans too! We're all about creating a thriving ecosystem where sustainability meets scrumptiousness. Let's spread the word: BSFL isn't just for the birds—it's a high-protein, planet-friendly option for all of us to munch on!

What We Do

  • We Eat Insects! (Well, specifically Black Soldier Fly Larvae…) These larvae have natural antibacterial properties, making them safe for consumption. Our dedicated R&D chefs transform them into a variety of delicious, high-protein food products.
  • Transform Organic Waste: We set up an independet BSFL farms in areas with high organic waste production all across Indonesia, improving living conditions and sustainability. The larvae we produce supply our food products, while the frass becomes organic fertilizer.
  • Adequate Nutrition for All: Protein is essential for a healthy life, and our innovative approach ensures everyone can access this vital nutrient in a sustainable way!

Why Choose Munch?

  • Environmental Impact: Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and minimize pollution.
  • Nutritional Benefits: Munch products are high in protein, offering a sustainable solution to fulfill the global demand for protein while also being environmentally friendly.
  • Resource Efficiency: Create a closed-loop system where waste is repurposed to become food and feed
  • Quality Assurance: Adhere to strict quality standards for safe and nutritious products.
  • Community Engagement: Raise awareness and engage with local communities for a greener future.